Red/Blue LED Grow Light

Number of Light Heads

Urban Plant Growers' LED Grow Lights allow you to grow your own plants in indoor conditions regardless of whether your home receives direct sunlight or not.

    • Built-in timer that allows the light to be turned on for 3 hours, 9 hours, 12 hours, or indefinitely.
    • Custom Light Settings
    • The lamps themselves can switch between blue light, red light, and a combination of both - with 5 light intensity levels for each setting.
    • Sturdy Clip so light can be attached to tables, shelves and more!
    • Flexible neck allows for a versatile range of layouts to reach all your soil and hydroponic plants.

Why you will love it!

Customer Reviews

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A good lamp - easy to use and helps plants with low winter light levels

It is a bit early to tell as I've only had it for about a month, but so far this lamp seems to be great - I bought it to help some of my plants which were struggling through winter and they do seem to be perking up a fair bit with more bushy growth. The lamp is easy to use and pretty sturdy, it has a clip base though so it does need attaching to something near the plants. I would recommend and will probably even consider buying another for my plants in a different room.

Daniel James
Great, works brilliantly

Loved the product, plants do grow effectively and cost effective, brill!

Clara Mallon
I Love This Lamp

This lamp is so handsome and important. I cry over this lamp every single day. I weep. Buy This Lamp.

Really handy lights, easy to use

Brought these to help some of my houseplants through winter. Really easy to set up and use, the large clip is really strong. The timer function is perfect and let's me set 3, 6 or 12 hours overnight. Interested to see how my plants react to the purple light compared to my other full spectrum white light led grow light. So far so good and they look happy after 2 weeks of using the light.

Emma Stephenson
Pleasantly surprised

My room back home is really sunny, with sky windows and a lot of light- so I haven't had the need for grow lights before. However, since moving to university, my plants have been affected quite a bit due to the lack of light my room receives. I thought I'd try these out to point at the corner of my room that receives little light, not sure how they would work out. But postal was quick, they came in perfect quality and my plants have seen a substantial increase in their health and growing pace within a short amount of time! For such a low price in comparison to others, they are such good quality. Do not heat up when left on when I am away for lectures and have the benefit of getting a LED light for your room too! The three adjustable lights are easy to move and means a large area can be covered. very happy :)