Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

This 3-headed LED Grow Light allows you to grow your own plants in indoor conditions regardless of whether your home receives direct sunlight or not. To determine whether this grow light is the best choice for you, take this short quiz here!

    • Built-in timer that allows the light to be turned on for 3 hours, 9 hours, 12 hours, or indefinitely.
    • Custom Light Settings - the lamp itself can vary between 10 light intensity levels.
    • Sturdy Clip so light can be attached to tables, shelves and more!
    • Flexible neck allows for a versatile range of layouts to reach all your soil and hydroponic plants.
    • Three light tubes

Why you will love it!

Customer Reviews

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Sara Paciaroni
Affordable, efficient and look good in my living room

Had the full spectrum lights only for a couple of weeks, but I can already see an improvement in the health of my plants since shorter days meant they weren't receiving enough light. Good quality for price, timer function is very helpful so I don't have to remember to turn them on. They also look great in my living room.


visible difference in plant growth, easy to use.


Just bought a second set of the full spectrum and have a set of the red/blue lights too. Really helping my plants, especially now the days have less light. I have them on a twelve hour timer which runs on a loop so I don’t have to worry about turning them on/off and means my plants are getting consistent light daily. Great service too and delivery is quick!

Love them!!

I love these lights, so strait forward to use. Have had issues in the past but the company always takes on board any issues and fixes the problem, this is why I have such faith in this brand!
These lights work perfectly and I have no complaints at all! Thankyou!

Great investment for plant lovers!

I love this grow lamp. I initially intended to purchase two but wanted to test the quality first - I was not disappointed. The three pronged lamp is perfect for me as I have a lot of greenery. The clip is sturdy and I haven’t had any problems attaching the unit or manoeuvring the flexible arms - it stays put. The timer function is brilliant. I work long night shifts and am able to simply set it and forget it - I haven’t had any excessive heat. I haven’t had the unit long enough to comment on plant growth - I already had some prior to use, but it certainly hasn’t been detrimental. I highly recommend this lamp. I think I’ll probably even give one as a gift. It’s especially useful for propagation boxes and terrariums. I actually enjoy using it in my bedroom as it provides a very dim light on the lowest setting and I use the timer so it switches off after 3 hours - it’s very convenient. The one criticism I have is that the shipping seems quite overpriced - the unit in the box is not large! Beyond that, it’s a great investment for plant lovers.